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Berlinda Ford (Founder of Healing Care Foundation) Would like to thank her team Magali & Greg for their hard work and dedication in Distribution!


       Born in 1979 in humble beginings to a father who was Electrician and Teach at Ivy Tech College and Mom who was a teachers aid and Pharmacist Technician that later took up studies at IU to become a certified Pharmacist Tech, Berlinda knew she had a wide range of career options. She later decided to take on her late mothers' career of pharmacy but with an Holistic approach. Utilizing 12 years of research along with her own ailments she discovered and developed proprietary alternative blends for medicine. She became the source manufacturer and distributor of Healing Bottoms Suppositories since 2009. After alleviating her own IBS symptoms in 2010, she had to find an avenue to help others. Her Company owns and operates exclusive machinery flown in from Italy and imports compounds and ingredients from all over the world. She is described by family as discrete, meek, ground breaking, and passionate digestive medical needs. Her goal from the start is the same as her Medical Peers; stop patients from bleeding and heal the affected tissue as soon as possible. 


 HB's Capsules and Suppositories intended use is for to heal Acute Bleeding Fissures, Sever/Chronic Fissures, and significantly lower inflammation in Colitis, Crohns, IBS and IBD patients. This is a game changer for those suffering in this arena. Clinical Trial References are found at "Clinical Health Trial" (, "Healing Care NFP Foundation" She has also formulated a potent heat activated ointment, Vaginal Bartholin, that helps drain Bartholin's Gland Cyst. 


Mrs. Ford practices staying out of the limelight, keeping focus and attention on the treatments' benefits vs her accomplishments. Her Company's alternative medicine line has extended a public invitation for "Affiliate Partnership" with Doctors, Surgeons, and Practitioners, and Hospitals. Now Doctors have the advantage of choice in regards to medical intervention for their patients. Prior, patients and consumers alike could only find this alternative treatment online, now its dispensed and administer at various practices internationally. 


  Physician also report amazing results for the reducing colon inflammation in Colitis, Crohns, IBS, IBD and Proctitis patients. The suppositories have opened an entirely new door for treating inflammatory diseases. Her holistic Pharmacy is made up of a small team of Homeopath Researchers, based in the US. Healing Bottoms offers quality upper and lower Digestive Anti-Inflammatory Restorative Treatment as well as helps alleviate Vaginal Cysts. HB Product line consist of Max Turmeric Supplements, Turmeric Suppositories, Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Removal, Wound Healing Wipes, Detox Tea, Malt Breakfast / Serum, and Bartholin's Gland Cyst Drainage. In which Berlinda Ford Soley developed and created all proprietary blends for each product. 


 In many cases she was confronted with clients who were battling financial hardships but needed HB's Treatment. She felt compelled to administer treatment and help restore their health regardless of financial capabilities. Soon after Berlinda founded Healing Care Foundation in 2020 to take on more people who fall within the main care categories of her foundation. 

  1. Homeless, Impoverished

  2. Disadvantaged Youth

  3. Rape Crime victims

  4. Hardship Consumer Promotion Program (Consumers who grant access to their testimonials for treatment needed) 


 Mrs Ford's Education: 

Lake Central High School           Graduated 1997 

Indiana University   Major: Health, Personal Fitness Combined with Communications 97-2000 

Davenport University Major: Business and Public Relations 2000-2002  

Ashford University Major: Business Management 

Graduated Associates and Bachelors Degree 4.0 GPA 

Holistic Homeopath Researcher of 13 years +: Online Classes, Self-Taught, & Clinical Trials, Ancient Rome Medicine and Medical Studies, Herbal Student. 

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Meet Our Founder! She's a Loving, Giving Humanitarian & Researcher


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